About TenStoriesPSU

TenStoriesPSU.com was created by ten very creative art students at Pittsburg State University with the assistance of Dallas Kranker from Everything Computers, LLC.  The class met several times during Senior Exhibit to discuss the plans and go over some common web principles.  The students decided on a modern “Windows 10″ type theme that highlighted each of their stories in it’s own “tile”. Each of the ten “stories” on this site is represented by one of these tiles and is one artist’s work with a link to their own website they created and a short biography or description of their work.  There were no limitations to the project and students could use any website creation service currently available online (paid or free) for their individual websites.  Some used WIX, Facebook Pages, Blogspot, while others use traditional web hosting, and some also took advantage of the free assistance and hosting Mr. Kranker provided though his personal business website.