Janelle Kranker

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My childhood was a very bright and happy time in my life. Watching Disney movies with my older sister was the highlight of my youth. I was almost always interested in the animals in each animated journey, and most attracted to the characters in which were birds. The activities indoors, that my sister and I would engage in included coloring in coloring books, painting, and many other craft projects. This too sparked my creative flame, and inspired me to continue to create. As I grew older, curiosity of the outside world opened my eyes to many things. Nature was my new found treasure. I then began my love for birds. By the time I was in the sixth grade, I could identify each and every bird I saw. Not only by their color and song, but even by their nest shapes and flight patterns. My enthrallment of birds and the skill of identification have stuck with me to the present. Birds are the majority of the subject matter in my artwork and because of the unique connection between the birds and me; the personalities of each type of bird are able to make their way into my artwork.











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